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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hi all! I am Amy Robinson and photography just so happens to dazzle me. I love the ability that pictures have to capture a moment in time and hold a special memory forever. I am just starting on my way to becoming a professional photographer and I love any chance I get to practice and hone my ability. This blog is a way for me to get word out about my business that I hope flowers into something wonderful, not only for me, but for the lives I could touch. I am working on a price list and I will be posting it soon! Remember to spread the word about Amy Robinson Photography!

You can contact me at amyrobinsonphotography@gmail.com


RR said...

Hey you,

Welcome to the fun world of digital SLR. You're going to have a blast. A couple of thoughts for you. A good way to challenge yourself is to enter photo competitions. I used to enter some stuff in the Eastern Idaho State Fair. They usually bring in a professional photographer from out of the area to judge the entries. I also gives you a chance to measure yourself against other amateur photographers. You'll see some really good stuff and some really awful stuff.

The second thing is some advice that has been drummed into me so many times I've lost count. That is: "Fill the frame!"

Keep shooting...

Uncle R

te` marie said...

love it baby! so there is a blog that does a weekly photo contest that is really cool. here...


go do it! we still need to figure some stuff out so you can get me some headshots and have u signed up for a MM account yet? love you!