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Thanks again Kaitlin for letting me take these! You are gorgeous and make it so easy to get great pictures!



Easton is 1 and absolutely adorable. I can't get enough of his little smile! Towards the end you can tell he got a little bit antsy but I had so much fun taking pictures of this little guy! Thanks Hillory for letting me use him for practice!



I have pictures to post, but have decided to wait a couple more days until I have my Photoshop up and running so I can brand my pictures with my copyright. Just be patient! But I am looking to fill up my weekends with some photoshoots so if you've been thinking that you need to get those senior/engagement/family/kids pictures done, let me know! I'd love to work with you! Email me at amyrobinsonphotography@gmail.com to set up an appointment! Right now I am charging VERY small fees until I can get a more well rounded portfolio. THIS is the time to get those pictures done!