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A Contest of Sorts...

In about a week I will be moving back down to Provo, UT and I will be taking my business with me; however, my roommate Amanda and I are teaming up and making a business for both of us. This has one small problem, we need a new name! We've been thinking and thinking and nothing has struck us as perfect, so we're asking for suggestions. If you can think of a cute name let us know by emailing your idea to amyrobinsonphotography@gmail.com and if we pick yours to use, you will win a FREE ONE HOUR PHOTO SESSION! Who doesn't love free stuff? So help us out! We'd love to hear your ideas!

1 comment:

Tanielle said...

Holy Krump!!! I will have to really think about this, and when it's late at night and I'm loopy, maybe I can come up with something fantastic!:-)